4 Tips to Create the Perfect Window Box
Thursday, August 9, 2018

Plants can enhance the appearance of your home. However, many people do not have the space to display plants or flowers. Well, the great news is that flower boxes are the ultimate solution to this problem. Urban dwellers have found window boxes to be the perfect solution as they allow you to decorate your house without taking up any space. Here is how you can set them up.

Choose the right box

The right box will determine how the entire display looks like. You can design your own box or buy a readymade one, which is easier to install.

When you are buying the flower box, keep in mind your home. Pick one that suits the style of your home.

When buying, make sure that the box has drainage holes; otherwise, the water will collect in the bottom of the box and rot the roots of your plants or flowers.

Start with a good soil

The blooms need a good base. Do not be stingy while putting in the soil, especially because you do not need to add the soil every season. At the end of the season, a lot of good soil still remains.

The amount of soil will vary depending on the size of the box you buy. A large bag of potting soil is a good quantity for a 4-inch box. It is recommended that you fill the flower box until it is half-full.

Fill the box

When filling the box, add as many flowers as you can. Be generous about it.

A good way to go about this would be to choose a primary plant for the box such as Peony, Angelonia, Begonias, or whichever when you like. These plants will be in the background.

Depending on the size of the flower box, choose the main plants. For instance, if you have bought a 2-inch window box, choose 2-3 main plants. If you have bought a bigger flower box, use 3-4 main plants.

If you are not sure which plant or flower to opt for, stop at your local flower shop and see what interests you.

Other than the primary plants, also decide on secondary plants. They will supplement the primary plants. To make your flower box even more aesthetic, you can add trailing plants or vines in front of the main plants.

Plant the flowers chosen

Once you are done choosing the flowers, fill in the box. A great DIY tip is to start from the front and move to the back. Add more soil around the roots of the plants, and make sure that the top part of the roots is just underneath the surface of the soil.

A tip to remember is that you need to keep watering your flower box regularly. If your flower box is in a place that is difficult to water, use water-stoning crystals that retain water. These crystals release water slowly, as needed.

Are you prepared to plant your own flower box? Contact Flower Farmers of Cincinnati to buy the ultimate flower box, and get started!


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