Common Gardening Terms
Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Whether you are new to the world of gardening or a seasoned planter, we all run across words and phrases that we don’t quite understand.  Never fear, we’re here to catch you up to speed and breakdown a few commonly heard.

Dead-heading – “Don’t forget to deadhead your flowers.”  Meaning to remove the wilted flower from the stem.

Window boxes – “Those window boxes really brighten up the house.”  Also known as flower boxes, these are small container gardens attached to the outside window of a building.

Hardiness zones – “These flowers will not thrive in your hardiness zone.”  A standard that shows what to plant and when depending upon where you live.

Perennial – “I look forward to those perennials in the spring.”  Plants that will typically return year after year.

Annuals – “They are my favorite annuals, even if they won’t last.”  Plants that typically do not survive the winter.

Bedding – “Floral bedding is well suited around trees.”  Short flowers or greenery that is used to cover large spaces in flower beds.

Dividing – “If you like this vine, I’ll divide it and you can have it for yourself.”  Splitting a plant and root into two or more parts for the purpose of pruning, sharing, or transplanting.

Bulbs – “Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs.”  Instead of arriving as a seed, some plants arrive as a large, fleshy bulb that offers protection when planted.

Pruning – “Prune bushes and trees for maintain healthy growth.”  Similar to dead-heading, removing dead or damaged parts of a plant.

There are, of course, countless more terms to learn, but we hope that this gave you enough information to bravely select your plants and accessories. If the idea of planting an entire garden seems overwhelming, why not try a container garden?  Our ultimate flower boxes can stand alone or be mounted.  They’re an easy and beautiful way to ease yourself into the green-thumb club.


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