Dos and Don’ts of Flower Boxes
Thursday, September 13, 2018

Are you trying to make your home more aesthetic? Tired of the same old widows and walls? Wondering how to add color to your home? Well, you have come to the right place. The perfect way to beautify your house and to change its outlook is to install window boxes. By following the tips below, you can install flower boxes in an easy and fun way.


Choosing the Perfect Flower Box Material

Ideally, the flower box should be of a material that is suitable for your house. It should also be such that it allows plants to grow in it. For this reason, take into account your home’s style, size, and your gardening preference.

Choosing the Size of the Flower Box

You should also keep in mind the size of the box when deciding on the flower box. A short flower box will seem weird on a window that is long in length. Ideally, it is recommended to choose a flower box that is the same length as your window but obviously, there is no hard and fast rule. For this reason, if you are buying a flower box, choose a company that offers both the standard size and custom size flower boxes. This will give you a variety to choose from.

When deciding the flower size box, keep in mind how conducive the box is to plant growth. A longer flower box means more maintenance.

For long railings or windows, you can opt for multiple flower boxes or you can use one long box.

Just remember that when placing a window box, there should be enough space that the railing can be used.

Consider Width and Size

Wider boxes have an advantage over the smaller ones. They can hold more soil and, therefore, they do not dry out as quickly. In this case, you will not have to plant drought-tolerant plants. These boxes also allow you to plant more flowers of various kinds.

However, smaller boxes look more elegant and simple. They match houses more as they do not empower the structure of the house. They add beauty in a subtle manner. They are also easier to install as they are lighter.

Consider the Color and Plants

Since the whole point of a flower box is to add color to your house, go all out. Consider the color of the flower box and the color of the flowers you will put in it. You can opt for white, black, pine green or Terra Cotta colors when choosing a flower box. You can also choose another color by contacting the organization you will buy the flower box from.

Think about the plants you want in it. Do you want the plants to cover the side of the boxes? Then go for vines like ivy. These can drape over the box.


Don’t Choose the Wrong Size

You do not want an overdone flower box that ruins the outlook of your house. For the best effect, make sure the flower box is of the right size, is made of fiberglass material, and offers drainage abilities.

Don’t Re-do Plants Again and Again

It is advisable to really think of the flowers you will place in the box. You do not want to change them again and again.

Matching the flower box to your house can definitely add curb appeal. While these dos and don’ts seem overwhelming, do not worry. Contact Flower Framers of Cincinnati, and we can help you decide which flower box is suitable for you.


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