Fall is for Gardens
Friday, September 1, 2017

As summer draws to a close, the leaves change, and cold weather draws nearer, you may feel like your gardening days for the year are behind you.  Not true!  There are still ways to enjoy the outdoors and your garden needs your help preparing for winter. 


·        Plant perennials.  The soil is still warm enough for roots to take and the added rain helps as well.  Be sure if apply a thick layer of mulch in you are in a zone that freezes during the winter.


·        Freshen flowerboxes.  If you have annuals in your window boxes, switch them out before they pass their prime, but don’t leave your garden bare.  Add mums, kale, and gourds to reflect the season.


·        Dead-head flowers.  This allows your plants to retain nutrients needed for the cold weather.


·        Mow meadows.  Wildflower meadows will spread their seeds when cut back.


·        Prune climbers.  Roses and similar plants should be pruned when they are done flowering for the season.


·        Divide and conquer.  If a plant has overgrown its territory or you are hoping to share it with someone, now is the time to divide it.


·        Begin bulbs.  Tulips, irises, and daffodils will reward you in the Spring if you take time to plant them now.


As always, be sure to check your hardiness zone to find out what plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs are best suited to your area and this time of year.  Fall is the perfect time to enjoy your garden and look ahead to next Spring.  Resist the urge hibernate early and reap the rewards!


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