Planting & Maintaining Flowers in Window Boxes
Thursday, April 12, 2018

Who doesn’t like the windows and balconies of their houses adorned with vibrant and beautiful flowers like the houses we see in European countryside?
Well guess what, the windows and balconies of your house in America can also be decorated in the same fashion. For those who are into gardening and planting flowers, you’ll find this task quite engaging. And for those who have no idea what gardening is all about, they can always call in a professional service to beautify their houses.

Here we’ll discuss how the flowers should be planted in window boxes and then how to maintain them throughout the year.

Measure Windows

Taking the measurements of the windows is from where it all starts. Then it’s easy to find the boxes in various sizes to fit your windows. Hanging hardware needs to be installed before the window boxes are filled. It’s easier to make the necessary adjustments in the window boxes when they’re empty.

Use Liners

These window boxes need to be lined with plastic. Make sure these liners are fitted inside the window boxes each time new flowers are planted. Of course you’ll have flowers planted in these boxes to reflect the changes in the seasons, and it gets easier to do so if your boxes are lined.

Keep the Window Boxes in Easy Reach

The true beauty of window boxes full of flowers is that they can be enjoyed from inside and outside of the house. It’s important that your window boxes are accessible from both the sides. This way it’ll be easier for you to water the flowers or tend them whenever you have to, which is a lot, especially in summers. Placing the window boxes on heights that are difficult to reach may lead you to ignore their maintenance because that’ll require you putting in some extra efforts.

Go for Wooden Boxes

Keep in mind that wooden boxes are better than plastic or metal boxes because they provide better insulation from cold and heat. Get these wooden boxes painted in light colors that can reflect heat and always opt for water resistant paints. Again, lining is important so that the wood doesn’t rot away due to the wet soil. You can also use old wooden fruit crates to give your windows a vintage look.

Let Flowers Spill

Try to maintain the window boxes in a way that lets the flowers spill out of them. The look of overflowing flowers provides a more natural and beautiful look. And always plant the flowers in window boxes close together so that they look as if bursting with thick foliage.

Start Fresh Every Year

The soil in the window box will need to be replaced with fresh soil almost annually. You can use this soil in your lawn, but for your window boxes, never forget to change the soil every year.

It’s true planting and maintaining the flowers in window boxes or in balconies can be a demanding and taxing extra work in your busy life. But that doesn’t mean you cannot beautify the plain windows of your house. If you’re looking for a professional service to take care of this task then contact Flower Farmers of Cincinnati. We will fill your empty windows with the right window boxes and will keep a seasonal check to maintain them for your convenience.


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