Sheltering Plants during Winter
Friday, December 30, 2016

Hopefully, you’re already taken care of your outdoor plants in preparation for winter.  Many plants need added protection to survive the temperature change.  In addition, preparing for next Spring can ensure you’re garden are a step ahead and looking better than ever. 


But just in case you are a late bloomer, we here are some tips:


·      Bring potted plants indoors.  If you can move it, bring it inside.  You’ll plant will be protected and your home will feel tropical.


·      Protect larger container plants.  If it’s mounted or can’t be moved, make sure that the container is strong enough to survive winter.  A porous container might crack, but terra cotta pots or our window flower boxes are built to last.


·      Wrap tree trunks with burlap.  This will protect them from winter sunscald. 


·      Apply mulch to garden boxes and flower beds.  Mulch adds an extra layer of insulation, protecting the roots.


Don’t waste your hard work by failing to prepare.  With just a few easy steps, your plants are much more likely to weather the winter storms.


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