Some Tricks for Maintaining Flowers in Window Boxes
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fresh, bright and beautiful flowers in window boxes and balconies truly uplift the façade of even the dullest and oldest house in the neighborhood. It sure does remind one of the houses in the European countryside.

Well, the same window and balcony decoration is now possible in America.

Planting window boxes can turn out to be a very engaging activity for all those people who adore gardening. And those who do not know the basic gardening details, but love the idea of planting colorful flowers in their windows can always call in a professional service to add some dazzling color to the exterior of their houses.

Now let’s discuss some useful tricks that can be helpful in planting the window boxes with eye-catching seasonal flowers and maintaining them.

Choosing the Right Window Box

Actually you can use anything for a flower box. You can even use wooden crates to give your windows an old vintage kind of a look. Whatever type of window boxes you choose to plant flowers in, make sure it has holes at the bottom for water drainage. Or else you’ll end up making a swamp in your window boxes.

Cover the Drainage Holes

It’s very wise if you cover the drainage holes of the window boxes with coffee filters. This way the water will seep out of the filters, but the soil would be stopped from falling out.

Use Potting Soil

There’s no need to use garden soil in your window flower boxes. In fact, you don’t have to replace the soil in your flower boxes every year. Using a little fertilizer will re-enrich the existing soil perfectly.

Using Bloom Booster

The best thing to keep your flowers in window boxes fresh all season is a slow release fertilizer. However, if you haven’t used it, then you can try bloom boosters. All you have to do is mix this powder form booster with water and sprinkle it all over the soil.


Make sure the windows where you want to hang flower boxes get enough sunlight. Also, the choice of flowers that you plant must be based on how much sunlight directly falls on the window boxes throughout the entire day.

Choosing Plants

Decorating flowers in window boxes is an art. So be creative when you choose the plants. You can choose one tall attractive one, another that can provide the soil a good cover, and a third variety that can be added to this combination can be a plant that spills out of the window box from the sides. Moreover, always plant the flowers close together in the box. There’s no need to space them out.


Using a cup for sprinkling some extra soil at the base of each flower in the box is good for flowers. Also, a layer of mulch on the top will prevent the weeds from growing and will help retain the moisture.

If you need some professional service to plant and maintain flowers in window boxes at your home, then contact Flower Farmers of Cincinnati. We will fill your empty windows with sensational variety of colorful flowers in the most appropriate type of window boxes. Moreover, we’ll make sure that your window boxes are maintained and looked after every season for your convenience.


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