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  Ultimate Flower Box: 9' Long

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The Ultimate Flower Box

Flower Framer Ultimate Boxes have proven to be one of the most popular, versatile window boxes on the market. Manufactured since 1994, they've held up in thousands of applications since then. Durable, easy-to-hang, yet versatile and attractive, the Flower Framer box works in any climate. They are at home on high-end residences as well as commercial applications.
  • Flower Box Built of durable commercial-grade protruded fiberglass, which has been tested for over 60 years without any strength loss. Cannot rust and is maintenance free.
  • Custom drainage holes in both ends so the boxes can not hold excess water. The bottom is even convex so the water runs to the end-cap holes. This eliminates any root rot or even mildew
  • Custom drainage mat along the bottom
  • Middle section lets the excess rain water escape through the end holes it also allows fresh air circulation andheat release
  • The fine mesh wrapper prevents any soil from flushing out
  • Made of non-biodegradable material that will last several lifetimes.
  • Eliminates any need for broken pieces of pottery or gravel which will eventually gunk
        Flower framers of Cincinnati, flowers, flower box

Flower framers of Cincinnati, flowers, flower box

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